Whitelabel Solution connect with your provider that fulfils all your business needs

LavaGaming White Label offers gaming and software products with Template Website that allows customers to choose from more than 50 different formats to benefit from businesses that are ready to operate with connected payment systems and complete 24/7 service formats in both Thai andEngland, with our full risk management system.

  • With a unique payment method.
  • Wallet Management.
  • Risk Management
  • Control of Business Administration by Environment (BME Console).
  • Business to Business (B2B) 24/7 support
  • Business to Business (B2C) 24/7 support
  • No initial contribution fee to join all jackpots (No initial contribution fee to join all the Jackpots).

Ready Game Platform

Developed on a truly customer-based basis, Lavagaming-powered software is a customizable platform that you want.
Includes a convenient interface, a variety of marketing tools/built-in financial framework, and a flexible content management system. All these distinctive features allow online casino providers to seamlessly integrate new gaming content, gaming providers and solutions into the platform.

Api Integration

Our API is created by operators to be used for management only. We increase efficiency and speed to present content simply combined with our API. That is the reason why starting new business and developing Management System can work well together for a short time!

  • Simple API with seamless and transfer wallet
  • Rich game library with 3000+ games
  • Advanced Payment Management
  • Powerful Backoffice for your casino manager
  • Recommendation System with relevant games to the right
  • Dozen Promotions and more Events
  • Absolutely&Perfectly Reports Coming soon!

Auto&Crm System

Provide a full range of subscription, deposit, withdrawal, and marketing tools.

  • Customer Information Management System
  • Available on all devices
  • Manage all promotions
  • Deposit/withdrawal system can accommodate up to 4 main channels
  • Summary report system for all details