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These Privacy Policies explain the basic principles of website When you log in, this means you accept Terms and Conditions, including these Privacy Policies. If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions, please stop entering to this website immediately.

Correction & Policies’ Amendments

We reserve the right to amend these policies without advance notification. These policies are effective since you log in to the system.

Data Collection & General Information

We will collect your personal data to identify your identity which contains information below. If we will need more details, we may request from you later.

  1. Personally Identifiable Information
  2. Information used during the registration for new user, e.g. name, e-mail, phone number, date of birth and other necessary information that needed for activation and account’s management.
  3. Contact record sending to us by you.
  4. Any information that you offered to us as a result of participation in marketing promotion or contest.
  5. Betting data and activities on our website or application on mobile devices.
  6. The conversation on telephone and live chat between you and our Customer Service staff. This conversation will be recorded for Service Training and solving doubts faster.

Moreover this information helps us to contact you according to the purposes which will provide you the best service. This personal information will be used for marketing purpose when there will be special offers, promotions and events. When you log in to this website, we consider that you allow us to use your personal information.

Disclosure and Information Usage

When you register to our system, we consider that you accept that we can use your personal information and pass it to the third party. Your information will be used for these purposes below, and may have more later. 

  1. To manage account and proceed deposit-withdrawal on our website.
  2. To prepare for betting service.
  3. To verify your identity, such as to verify that you have the minimum age and you are not in prohibited area, which is indicated in Terms and Conditions.
  4. To design marketing tools which meet your needs.
  5. To check and improve the website.
  6. To observe and improve service of the website.
  7. To manage risks, to monitor fraud and to ask for your cooperation to investigate the money laundering.
  8. To ask for cooperation according to the law and regulation.
  9. To present to software companies (which is under this condition) for support and related services.

We reserve the right to analyze behavior and user’s statistic to evaluate your interest and website’s usage in many aspects. Also, to inform and reveal amount of the users and number of click of advertisement banners. We will inform the third party only the summary of analysis. is the member of many communities, which have the same morality to see justice in sport competition and betting. To prevent the puppet mastery over the games, we and our alliance reserve the right to access and share your information to observe your betting. You may choose not to accept promotions on the registration page. If you desire not to receive this updated information later, you can inform our Customer Service staffs.

Win Bet

We reserve the right not to reveal your information, such as your prize money, to the public. But for marketing benefit, we reserve the right to reveal some of your information, such as abbreviations of your username or your name.


We take care and protect your data well and safely by using the technology which can change text to code in data transfer process. This data is kept well by firewall technology in our server. Both our website and software provide tools for accuracy and privacy to protect your data from illegal using or lost.

Due to communication by using internet is not safe 100%, so we cannot guarantee safety during your data transfer. So, when you surf this website, we consider that you admit risks which may occur during internet surfing. We are not liable for loss/damage both from direct consequence or impact at any time.

When we receive your information, we will keep your information for proper time. But in some cases, we may keep your information constantly without time limit.

Data Destruction

All media related to interactive gambling website must be destructed for safety, no matter what it is.

Data Accessibility

User may fill the request form for the copy of own personal data that we keep and send to the contact below. We gladly inform you your existing personal data. You can update, change, edit your data to Customer Service staff. By your request we will delete your brief user data on our database. However, it is impossible to delete all your original data because we must keep backup data and record the deletion.

We reserve the right to update, change or edit these Terms and conditions without advance notification. If any further update, we consider that it is your responsibility to consider the most updated Terms and Conditions.


If you have any suspicion about our Privacy Policies or need other inquiries, please contact us by live chat, phone call or e-mail on our website all over 24 hours.