Aurum Roulette

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LavaGaming redefines live roulette with Aurum Roulette. Imagine the thrill as randomly chosen “Aurum numbers” appear in each round, with the potential to multiply player winnings by a staggering x50 to x700! This unmatched winning potential keeps players on the edge of their seats, transforming your casino into a treasure trove of excitement. Elevate your platform, attract new players with the unique power of Aurum Roulette. Supercharge your casino with the power of Aurum Roulette. Contact LavaGaming now!

Supported Devices

Empower your platform with our live casino solutions, offering a flawless experience for your customers across desktops, mobiles, and tablets. This seamless integration ensures anytime, anywhere access to their favorite live dealer games

Supported Languages

Expand your live casino reach globally by offering multilingual experiences with LavaGaming. Our live casino services are available in 5 languages.

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